Our Women’s Ministry is more than just a bible study. It’s a time when we talk about what is happening in our lives. We range in ages from young to well “aged” ladies. We are all going through different seasons in our lives which is why the conversations are at times wild and wonderful, sad and heartbreaking. We encourage all the women who attend or visit Central to come and enjoy this time of fellowship and much, much more. Our church doors are wide open so are our hearts! See you next Wednesday.

Women’s Bible Study

Wed. @ 6:30pm in the Sanctuary bldg.  Discussion Leader: Traci Quintard



“Luke, Gut Level Compassion” by Lisa Harper!  

Of the 66 books in the Bible, all were written by Jewish authors or they’re anonymous, EXCEPT for the two written by Luke, the Gospel of Luke, and the Books of Acts. As a non-Jew and outsider, Luke writes to highlights those seen as outliers and outcasts, those deemed misfits and unfit. Throughout this study Luke takes conventional thinking and just flips it on its head. If you have ever struggled with feeling like you aren’t quite good enough or maybe you don’t fit in, you’re invited to join us, to discover or rediscover Jesus and experience the fullness of His gut-level compassion unlike any other love you will ever know. Questions? Please contact the church office at 706-322-7763 or email your questions to admin@cbccolumbus.com.

p.s. Perfection not required.